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birds house, made of larch wood, 2004 - 4813, publication on a built project, 2004 - fastenseatbelt, party seat and ski bob, 2000

4813 - The zip code of the village Altmünster near Lake Traun stands for the place where five art students of the fotoK/Vienna and the architect team Alzinger/Thomczyk first met for a common project.

Andreas Thomczyk, Karin Hepp and Thomas Alzinger realized their first project, a single occupancy detached house, in this outstanding landscape and among rather conservative architecture. The formally reduced house with a floor space of 275 m2 gets its character from the materials used: concrete and glass.

The necessity of getting a photographic record of that project tied in nicely with the need of photography students to practice their skills: the architects worked together with students from the school for artistic photography fotoK/Vienna. Under the leadership of Pascal Petignat and Martin Scholz, the students Patrizia Gapp, Karin Großauer, Gudrun Likar, Karin Haupt and Andrea Suppan try their personal approaches and theories on the house. Their top priority is not to exercise photographic skills, but to think up ways of displaying the character of the house on various levels:

- The “beauty” of the landscape, which made the builder choose this site (Andrea Suppan)
- The structure and materials used in the house, the play between inside and outside (Gudrun Likar)
- The palpable relationship between the house and the context set by the other houses in Altmünster (Karin Haupt)
- A series of portraits of the involved workers and craftspeople (Patrizia Gapp)
- The view of the architect, which shows the house as a body in space (Karin Großauer)

Photographers: Andrea Suppan, Gudrun Likar, Karin Haupt, Patrizia Gapp, Karin Großauer
Idea and production: fotoK, Pascal Petignat and Martin Scholz
Architects: Andreas Thomczyk, Karin Hepp, Thomas Alzinger
Text: Sigrid Hauser
Graphic design: (Nik Thönen, Lorenz Tschopp)

prize: 24,--Eur

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