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HSM, Residential Villa Munich, to realize 2008 -NOB, NBA Office Beijing, competition 2007 - MOB, Office Beijing, realized 2007 - AOB, Attica Office Beijing, realized 2007 - Franz Liszt conzert hall, Raiding, competition 2004 - apartment HU, Wien 5, realized in 2004 - Conversion Museum of 20th century, Vienna 3, competition 2003 - residential block, Lochau, invited competition 2003 - school extension, Bad Ischl, competition 2003, 3rd prize - "cruel and tender", Tate Modern London, exhibition design 2003 - residential villa HT, Altmünster, realized in 2003 - university of applied sciences, St. Gallen, CH, competition 2002 - Seebad Kaltern, Südtirol, competition 2002

- The Franz Liszt Concert House takes up the building forms used in its immediate surroundings, but it translates them into a contemporary architectural language: the tilted roof, the constructions along the northern perimeter of the lot that makes the house naturally face south, and the integration of two small yards in the upper floor are basically traditional structures.

The main entrance is via a public forecourt. The concert hall is in the center of the projected house. Between concert hall and outer shell, there is an area for the audience that bears reference to the outside area and the Franz Liszt birth house.

Size - 14.500 m3 gross volume

- Andreas Thomczyk, Karin Hepp, Dr. Karl-Bernd Quiring (acoustics)