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HSM, Residential Villa Munich, to realize 2008 -NOB, NBA Office Beijing, competition 2007 - MOB, Office Beijing, realized 2007 - AOB, Attica Office Beijing, realized 2007 - Franz Liszt conzert hall, Raiding, competition 2004 - apartment HU, Vienna 5, realized in 2004 - Conversion Museum of 20th century, Vienna 3 , competition 2003 - residential block , Lochau, invited competition 2003 - school extension, Bad Ischl, competition 2003, 3rd prize - "cruel and tender", Tate Modern London, exhibition design 2003 - residential villa HT, Altmünster, realized in 2003 - university of applied sciences, St. Gallen, CH, competition 2002 - Seebad Kaltern, Südtirol, competition 2002

- The Museum of the 20th century is under protection of monument and should be renovated and enlarged. According to its former conception the main pavillion will be redesigned as a suspended object with its open courtyard inside. The pavillion will find its position directly along the mainroad. The secondary pavilion with its cinema will be positioned along the northwest borderline of the site. All other functions will be located inside new completion.
To fullfill the purpose of the museum - exhibition of austrian art of the 20th century - we invited an artist for cooperation. Heimo Zobernig designed a monolythic base for the pavillions. This pedestal also includes the main road in front of the museum.

Size - 37.000 m3 BRI

Team - Thomas Alzinger, Andreas Thomczyk, with Roger Bundschuh, Heimo Zobernig (surrounding), Peter Bauer (construction engineering), Brendel Ingenieure (HVAC), Gerhild Stosch (building physics), Bettina Düh, Gerhard Düh (Fire protection), Paul Mayr, Georg Pamperl (Visuals)