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A 1060 Vienna - Gumpendorferstrasse 94-1-12 - Fon 0043 1 2086262 - Fax 0043 1 2086262 - Email
PRC 100022 Beijing - Chaoyang District - 39 East 3rd Ring Road - Jianwai SOHO #10 App 2103

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DELFINE Architects are founded by Karin Hepp and Andreas Thomczyk. We live and work in Vienna, around Lake of Constance and recently in Beijing. We offer professional planning and guidance of projects in the range of urban design, architecture and interior design.

Aim of DELFINE Architects is to answer komplex skills in an elegant way. In this process we develope projects in a close dialoge with the client. Clear and pricise planning and developing meet in simple transformation of our projects.

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Architecture: Arch. DI Roger Bundschuh, Berlin

Construction Engeneering: DI Peter Bauer, Werkraum Vienna - DI Oliver Englhardt, Vienna - DI Klaus Petraschka, kppk, Vienna

Building physics : Wolfgang Gollner, Dr. Pfeiler ZT GmbH, Graz

HVAC: Dr. Jochen Käferhaus, TB Käferhaus GmbH, Langenzersdorf

Acustiks: Dr. Karl-Bernd Quiring, Innsbruck

Fire protection : Arch. Dr. Ing Gerhard Düw, Vienna

Landscape design : Koselicka, Vienna

Fotography: Franz Schachinger, Vienna - Patrizia Gapp, Karin Großauer, Karin Haupt, Gudrun Likar, Andrea Suppan, all from Vienna

Grafic design: Nik Thoenen, Vienna