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Andreas Thomczyk taught from 1999 to 2005 at the department of building structure (Prof. Helmut Richter) of the faculty for architecture and space planning at the Vienna University of Technology. His tutored theses include the following:
Alexander Janowski, Fibonacci spiral structures, Düsseldorf, 2004 - Georg Pamperl, vienna culture zone, wvienna, 2004 - Johann Stopfner and Emmanuel Baumgartner, Alpine center Vertikal, Innsbruck, 2004

Text -
This project describes and points out the relations between architectural categories such as form, function and construction by means of the Fibonacci-numbers and the resulting geometric structures.
The setting of the project is the Medienhafen Duesseldorf.
The site analysis led to the idea of developing an urban mix of functions within a vertical structure, in other words: a high-rise building. The attempt of creating a spatial relation between public functions on the one hand and private use such as residences and offices on the other led to a closer study of the theory of ordering principles and eventually via the idea of bionics to the Fibonacci numbers.

Fn=Fn-1+Fn-2; F0=0, F1=1

This algorithm is the basis of a geometric structure that acts as a three-dimensional ordering principle, which facilitates the integration of form, function and construction. The analytical approach precludes willful decisions regarding design. However, the structure-generating process is not the same as the architecture of the building. The structure of the Fibonacci numbers takes a lower priority. All functional relations within the project, such as the ratio and placement of public and private use as well as the infrastructure system can be calculated very neatly following the basic ordering principle. Structural points of reference define the shell and therefore the form. The Fibonacci numbers have a direct mathematic relation to the Golden Section. Each static link can be inscribed in the structure, thus exactly defining the construction system.

Tutoring Andreas Thomczyk