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Andreas Thomczyk taught from 1999 to 2005 at the department of building structure (Prof. Helmut Richter) of the faculty for architecture and space planning at the Vienna University of Technology. His tutored theses include the following:
Alexander Janowski, Fibonacci spiral structures, Düsseldorf, 2004 - Georg Pamperl, vienna culture zone, Vienna, 2004 - Johann Stopfner und Emmanuel Baumhgartner, Alpine center Vertikal, Innsbruck, 2004

Text - The central idea of the project consists in creating interfaces between sports and art. Sports are a central element of everyday life and can therefore help to reduce exaggerated respect for the process of producing art, which often smacks of elitist thinking. The ultimate goal is a broad interface between John Q. Public and the often self-contained world of art.

Situated at the estuary of two rivers, the project addresses the topic of contrasts and overlapping contents not only in its outer form but also in its inner structure.

Andreas Thomczyk, Johannes Baar-Baarenfels