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Andreas Thomczyk taught from 1999 to 2005 at the department of building structure (Prof. Helmut Richter) of the faculty for architecture and space planning at the Vienna University of Technology. His tutored theses include the following:
Alexander Janowski, Fibonacci spiral structures, Düsseldorf, 2004 - Georg Pamperl, vienna culture zone, vienna, 2004 - Johann Stopfner and Emmanuel Baumgartner, Alpine center Vertikal, Innsbruck, 2004

Text - The Alpine center is divided into exhibition center, training center and the new upper station of the north funicular that connects the two buildings. The extreme site of the Alpine center, unique on the Hafelekar mountain at 2,260 m above sea level led to its name: “VERTIKAL!”

Parts of the Alpine center's buildings even protrude over the ridge of the northern range, nestling closely to the protective mountains and constituting a link between Tyrol's capital Innsbruck and the nature reserve Karwendel. This makes it the ideal setting for the existing exhibition on Innsbruck 's northern mountain range.

At the same time, the all-year Alpine training center offers all kinds of sportive activities, and the sports hotel and restaurant provide a spectacular view.

Tutoring – Andreas Thomczyk