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HSM, Residential Villa Munich, to realize 2008 -NOB, NBA Office Beijing, competition 2007 - MOB, Office Beijing, realized 2007 - AOB, Attica Office Beijing, realized 2007 - Franz Liszt conzert hall, Raiding, competition 2004 - apartment HU, Vienna 5, realized in 2004 - Conversion Museum of 20th century, Vienna 3, competition 2003 - residential block, Lochau, invited competition 2003 - school extension, Bad Ischl, competition 2003, 3rd prize - "cruel and tender", Tate Modern London, exhibition design 2003 - Wohnhaus HT, Altmünster, realized in 2003 - university of applied sciences, St. Gallen, CH, competition 2002 - Seebad Kaltern, Südtirol, competition 2002

- The building site is located above Lake Traun at 500 m above sea level in a one-family detached housing area with almost no free building space and lush tree population. Above the lot, there are some 9-floor apartment houses built in the 70s.

A foundation of gray fair-faced concrete protrudes far into the declining lot and sets a plane plateau for the first-floor living area that is glazed on all sides. The floor plan reflects the wishes of the client for a wide view and generous use of space. There is a flowing transitions between the rooms. The carrying construction of the cantilevered roof is limited to four props. The floor-to-roof glazing allows for a very direct interaction with the surroundings.

Despite its size, the house fits in nicely with its environment. The glass surfaces reflect the colors of nature, black elements in the façade correspond to the dark wood of the neighboring traditional houses.

Size - 275 m2 NFA

- Andreas Thomczyk, Karin Hepp, Thomas Alzinger, Barbara Wokurka und Irmgard Derschmidt (model), Thomas Filipic (costruction engineering), Koselicka (landscape planning), GMI (HVAC)