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HSM, Residential Villa Munich, to realize 2008 -NOB, NBA Office Beijing, competition 2007 - MOB, Office Beijing, realized 2007 - AOB, Attica Office Beijing, realized 2007 - Franz Liszt conzert hall, Raiding, competition 2004 - apartment HU, Vienna 5, realized in 2004 - Conversion Museum of 20th century, Vienna 3, competition 2003 - residential block, Lochau, invited competition 2003 - school extension, Bad Ischl, competition 2003, 3rd prize - "cruel and tender", Tate Modern London, exhibition design 2003 - residential villa HT, Altmünster, realized in 2003 - university of applied sciences, St. Gallen, CH, competition 2002 - Seebad Kaltern, Südtirol, competition 2002

- An apartment in an old building with a nice location but visibly many years of careless use is to be made into an exclusive two-bedroom apartment. In addition to the necessary renewal of gas, water and electricity installations, a new concept for the positioning of the smaller rooms was drafted. Between hallway and kitchen, there is a new bathroom and a storage room that is accessible from both sides, both rooms sporting transparent skylights to realize a feeling of comfort despite the limited space. A new flooring of core-smoked oak was put into the living area.

Size - 64 m2 NFA

- Karin Hepp, Andreas Thomczyk